Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1201

Chapter 14


Bridges; acquisition; construction; maintenance; operation; powers of city; jurisdiction; exercise of powers.

Any city of the metropolitan class, including one governed under a home rule charter, is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire by purchase, condemnation, bargain and sale, lease, sublease, gift or otherwise, any bridge or viaduct, including approaches and avenues, rights-of-way or easements of access to approaches, necessary real and personal property incident thereto and franchises, special privileges, leases, and contracts in connection with such bridges or viaducts. It is also authorized and empowered to construct and contract for the construction of bridges or viaducts, including all of aforesaid appurtenances, facilities, and property. It is also authorized and empowered thereafter to repair, maintain, extend, renew, reconstruct, replace or enlarge and to mortgage or lease and to use and operate any such bridges or viaducts as toll or free bridges, either or both from time to time for public use and travel of all kinds by railroads, street railways, bus lines, vehicles, and pedestrians, and other uses, any or all as may be determined by the governing body of the city. It may use same for public utility purposes, and fix the rates of toll or the charges for the use of same, and grant nonexclusive franchises for use of same for public utility purposes upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by ordinance. It may exercise all such powers within the city limits and five miles outside thereof within the State of Nebraska, and any adjoining state, and across any navigable or nonnavigable stream forming the boundary between such states after having obtained authority, if any be necessary, from such states and from the United States. It may exercise such powers directly through the governing body of the city or any committee thereof or through a bridge commission created as provided in sections 14-1227 and 14-1244 to 14-1246, or part any one and part any other.


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  • Right of city of Omaha to construct bridge across Missouri River and issue revenue bonds payable from bridge tolls upheld. Kirby v. Omaha Bridge Commission, 127 Neb. 382, 255 N.W. 776 (1934).