Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1251

Chapter 14


Bridges; acquisition; elections; rules governing.

(1) Elections on propositions arising in connection with the exercise of any of the powers granted by sections 14-1201 to 14-1252 may be submitted by the city council of a city of the metropolitan class to the electors of such city at any general, city, or state election or at any special election called for that purpose. Any proposition shall be carried if a majority of the electors voting on such proposition vote in favor of such proposition.

(2) No bridge shall be finally or irrevocably acquired, whether by purchase, condemnation, or construction, until such action and the necessary financing have been approved by a majority of the electors voting on the proposition at a general city or state election or at a special election called for that purpose or have been approved by the city council, as authorized by such sections.

(3) Two or more propositions or questions may be submitted at the same election and on the same ballot provided each is so presented that the electors may vote separately upon each proposition. A vote of the electors authorizing independent action shall be held to also authorize joint action for the purpose so authorized but a vote on a proposition of joint action shall not be held to authorize independent action.

(4) The city council is authorized to determine what shall be included in the proposition to be stated in notices of election and upon the ballots in its full discretion, except that any proposition must indicate whether the bridge shall be acquired by purchase, by the condemnation of an existing bridge, or by the construction of a new bridge, and the kind of bonds to be issued to finance such bridge and the amount of such bonds may be set forth in any manner authorized in such sections.


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  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022