Nebraska Revised Statute 10-135

Chapter 10 Section 135


Fully registered bonds; issuance authorized.

Any issuer, otherwise authorized to issue bonds, is hereby authorized to issue such bonds as fully registered bonds pursuant to sections 10-134 to 10-141. Fully registered bonds shall be issued on such terms as the authorizing laws shall permit, except as otherwise specifically provided in sections 10-134 to 10-141, and in cases of conflict, the terms of sections 10-134 to 10-141 shall govern. Fully registered bonds shall bear interest at such rate or rates, be in such denominations, be in such form and contain such provisions for registration, reissue, and transfer, be executed in such manner, be payable at such place and by any such paying agent, and be sold in such manner and for such prices as the governing body of the issuer shall determine. Fully registered bonds may be executed with the facsimile signature of the officers of the issuer designated to execute such bonds and need not be manually executed by any officers of the issuers, except that each bond shall be authenticated as to its validity in the manner designated by the governing body of the issuer in the bond ordinance. Fully registered bonds may bear the facsimile seal of the issuer printed on the bond.


  • Laws 1983, LB 421, § 2.