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Search for statute range from 85-1801 to 85-1814
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85-1801 Legislative findings. Print Friendly
85-1802 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
85-1803 Repealed. Laws 2010, LB 197, § 11. Print Friendly
85-1804 Nebraska educational savings plan trust; created; State Treasurer; Nebraska Investment Council; powers and duties. Print Friendly
85-1805 Advertising or promotional materials; restriction. Print Friendly
85-1806 Participation agreements; terms and conditions. Print Friendly
85-1807 Deposit of funds; College Savings Plan Program Fund; College Savings Plan Administrative Fund; College Savings Plan Expense Fund; created; use; investment; State Treasurer; report. Print Friendly
85-1808 Participation agreement; cancellation; when; effect. Print Friendly
85-1809 Ownership rights under participation agreement. Print Friendly
85-1810 Benefits received; employer contributions; effect on other benefits or aid. Print Friendly
85-1811 Annual audited financial report. Print Friendly
85-1812 Benefits received; tax consequences. Print Friendly
85-1813 Assets of trust; how treated. Print Friendly
85-1814 Sections; how construed. Print Friendly