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85-122 University funds; designation; investment; disbursements; travel expenses.
85-122.01 United States Agricultural Extension Fund; source; disbursement.
85-123 Permanent Endowment Fund; source; accounts; investment.
85-123.01 University Trust Fund, defined; management and investment.
85-124 Temporary University Fund; source; use.
85-125 University Cash Fund; source; use; investment.
85-126 United States Morrill Fund; source; use.
85-127 United States Experiment Station Fund; source; use.
85-128 University funds; State Treasurer; custodian; disbursement.
85-129 University funds; State Treasurer; duties.
85-130 University funds; Board of Regents; disbursements.
85-131 University funds; disbursements; how made.
85-132 Gifts and bequests; acceptance.