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Search for statute range from 84-1407 to 84-1414
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84-1407 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
84-1408 Declaration of intent; meetings open to public. Print Friendly
84-1409 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
84-1410 Closed session; when; purpose; reasons listed; procedure; right to challenge; prohibited acts; chance meetings, conventions, or workshops. Print Friendly
84-1411 Meetings of public body; notice; method; contents; when available; right to modify; duties concerning notice; videoconferencing or telephone conferencing authorized; emergency meeting without notice; appearance before public body. Print Friendly
84-1412 Meetings of public body; rights of public; public body; powers and duties. Print Friendly
84-1413 Meetings; minutes; roll call vote; secret ballot; when. Print Friendly
84-1414 Unlawful action by public body; declared void or voidable by district court; when; duty to enforce open meeting laws; citizen's suit; procedure; violations; penalties. Print Friendly