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81-3701 Act, how cited.
81-3702 Act; purposes.
81-3703 Definitions, where found.
81-3704 Commission, defined.
81-3705 Committee, defined.
81-3706 Consideration, defined.
81-3706.01 Highway tourism marker, defined.
81-3707 Hotel, defined.
81-3708 Occupancy, defined.
81-3709 Occupant, defined.
81-3709.01 Tourism industry, defined.
81-3710 Nebraska Tourism Commission; created; members; terms.
81-3711 Commission; duties.
81-3711.01 Significant tourism attractions; commission; powers and duties; appoint special committee; Department of Transportation; duties.
81-3712 Travel and Tourism Division of Department of Economic Development; transition of employees.
81-3713 Commission; statewide strategic plan; duties.
81-3714 State Visitors Promotion Cash Fund; created; uses; transfers; investment.
81-3715 Hotel; occupancy; sales tax.
81-3716 Hotel; occupancy; county; impose sales tax; when.
81-3717 County Visitors Promotion Fund; County Visitors Improvement Fund; visitors committee; establishment; purpose.
81-3718 Visitors committee; budget.
81-3719 County board; contracts authorized.
81-3720 County Visitors Improvement Fund; use; visitor attraction, defined.
81-3721 Commission; contracts authorized.
81-3722 Lodging sales tax; collection; enforcement.
81-3723 County Visitors Promotion Fund; collection; administrative fee.
81-3724 Tax Commissioner; adopt rules and regulations.
81-3725 Marketing assistance grants; applicant; duties; innovative tourism grants; technical review committee; duties; final report.
81-3726 Tourism Conference Cash Fund; created; use; investment.
81-3727 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB222, § 14.
81-3728 Vendors; duties; retailers; agreements with commission.
81-3729 Nebraska Tourism Commission Promotional Cash Fund; created; use; investment.