81-3725. Marketing assistance grants; applicant; duties; innovative tourism grants; technical review committee; duties; final report.

(1) The commission shall develop a program to provide marketing assistance grants to communities and organizations hosting national or international-caliber events held in Nebraska that have the potential to attract a significant percentage of out-of-state visitors and to generate favorable national or international press coverage for Nebraska.

(2) A community or organization applying for a marketing assistance grant shall provide a plan to the commission that includes: (a) Documentation that the event will attract out-of-state visitors; (b) details regarding the type of marketing that would be carried out with state funds; (c) methodologies used to track the impact of marketing efforts and the number of out-of-state visitors attending the event; and (d) details regarding the potential national or international press coverage that will be generated by the event.

(3) The commission shall develop a program to provide innovative tourism grants to communities or organizations that provide tourism and visitor promotion services, host events, or promote attractions which result in either (a) an increased number of nonlocal, instate visitors or (b) an increased number of both nonlocal, instate visitors and out-of-state visitors. Innovative tourism grants may include, but not be limited to, marketing assistance, planning assistance, basic support, and regional cooperation. Innovative tourism grants shall not be used for equipment or capital facility development or improvements.

(4) The executive director shall convene a technical review committee of no fewer than three individuals representing the public sector, the private sector, and citizens at large. The technical review committee and the executive director shall review and score applications for marketing assistance grants and innovative tourism grants and forward recommendations to the commission for approval by the commission or a subcommittee of the commission.

(5) Communities and organizations receiving marketing assistance grants or innovative tourism grants authorized under this section shall provide a final report to the commission within ninety days after the completion date of the event that includes event attendance, the use of funds, and marketing impact information.

(6) The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing the grant programs authorized under this section.

Source:Laws 2015, LB449, § 16; Laws 2017, LB222, § 12.