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81-2014 Terms, defined.
81-2014.01 Act, how cited.
81-2015 Nebraska State Patrol Retirement System; creation.
81-2016 Retirement system; membership; requirements; new employee; participation in another governmental plan; how treated; separate employment; effect.
81-2017 Retirement system; contributions; payment; funding of system; actuarial valuation; powers and duties.
81-2018 State Patrol Retirement Fund; State Patrol Retirement Act Expense Fund; created; use.
81-2019 Retirement system; administration; Public Employees Retirement Board; duties; rules and regulations.
81-2019.01 Board; power to adjust contributions and benefits; overpayment of benefits; investigatory powers; subpoenas.
81-2020 State Treasurer; duties; warrants.
81-2021 Retirement system; director; records; employer education program.
81-2022 Retirement system; funds; investment; charges; report.
81-2023 Auditor of Public Accounts; annual audit; report to Clerk of the Legislature.
81-2024 Retirement system; powers.
81-2025 Retirement; conditions; deferment of payment; board; duties.
81-2026 Retirement; annuity; officers; surviving spouse; children; benefit; disability or death in line of duty; benefit; maximum benefit; direct transfer to retirement plan; death while performing qualified military service; additional death benefit.
81-2027 Retirement benefit; adjusted by increase in cost of living.
81-2027.01 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
81-2027.02 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
81-2027.03 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
81-2027.04 Repealed. Laws 1999, LB 674, § 12.
81-2027.05 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
81-2027.06 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
81-2027.07 Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 509, § 55.
81-2027.08 Officer who became member prior to July 1, 2016; annual benefit adjustment; cost-of-living adjustment calculation method.
81-2027.09 Officer who became member on or after July 1, 2016; annual benefit adjustment.
81-2027.10 Officer who became member on or after July 1, 2016; lump-sum cost-of-living payment.
81-2028 Retirement; disability; exceptions.
81-2029 Retirement; disability; proof.
81-2030 Retirement; disability; medical examinations; expense.
81-2031 Termination of employment; return of contributions, when; rejoining system; deferred annuity.
81-2031.01 Retirement system; reemployment; election to repay system; amount; status; exception.
81-2031.02 Retirement system; current employee; participation in another governmental plan; how treated.
81-2031.03 Direct rollover; terms, defined; distributee; powers; board; powers.
81-2031.04 Retirement system; accept payments and rollovers; limitations; board; powers.
81-2031.05 Retired officer; reemployment; how treated.
81-2031.06 Termination of employment prior to eligibility to retire; rejoining system; effect.
81-2031.07 Retirement system; accept transfers; limitations; how treated.
81-2032 Retirement system; funds; exemption from legal process; exception.
81-2033 Retirement; total service credit.
81-2034 Retirement; method of crediting for military service; effect; applicability.
81-2035 Annuity; adjustment; amount.
81-2036 Annuity; additional adjustment; changes in family unit.
81-2037 Limitation of actions.
81-2038 False or fraudulent actions; prohibited acts; penalty; denial of benefits.
81-2039 Retirement system contributions, property, and rights; how treated.
81-2040 Termination of system or contributions; effect.
81-2041 DROP participation authorized; requirements; fees.