81-2021. Retirement system; director; records; employer education program.

(1) The director in charge of the system shall keep a record of all acts and proceedings taken by the board. He or she shall keep a complete record of all members with respect to name, current address, age, contributions, length of service, compensation, and any other facts as may be necessary in the administration of the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement Act. The board shall prescribe the form in which such information shall be reported by the Nebraska State Patrol to the board. The information in the records shall be provided by the Nebraska State Patrol in an accurate and verifiable form, as specified by the director. The director shall, from time to time, carry out testing procedures pursuant to section 84-1512 to verify the accuracy of such information. For the purpose of obtaining such facts and information, the director shall have access to the records of the various state departments and agencies and the holder of the records shall comply with a request by the director for access by providing such facts and information to the director in a timely manner. A certified copy of a birth certificate or delayed birth certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the age of the person named in the certificate.

(2) The director shall develop and implement an employer education program using principles generally accepted by public employee retirement systems so that all employers have the knowledge and information necessary to prepare and file reports as the board requires.

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