Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2015

Chapter 81


Nebraska State Patrol Retirement System; creation.

A retirement system is hereby created and established to be known as the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement System. It is the legislative intent and purpose of sections 81-2014 to 81-2036 to provide certain retirement and other benefits for officers of the Nebraska State Patrol in the amounts and under the terms and conditions set forth in such sections. It is further the legislative intent and purpose of such sections that when and if the Social Security Act, or any amendment thereto, or any similar or related federal act shall be enacted or amended so as to permit the inclusion of such officers of the Nebraska State Patrol, the State of Nebraska may at its election through appropriate legislative action adjust the benefits provided in such sections and the contributions called for so that the fund provided for by such sections or any amendments thereto may become merged with or integrated with the federal social security system.


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