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Search for statute range from 79-1101 to 79-1104.05
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79-1101 Legislative findings and intent. Print Friendly
79-1102 Early Childhood Training Center; established; purpose; duties; statewide training program; established. Print Friendly
79-1102.01 Repealed. Laws 2013, LB 495, § 5. Print Friendly
79-1103 Early Childhood Education Grant Program; established; administration; priorities; programs; requirements; report; hearing; endowment agreement; effect. Print Friendly
79-1104 Before-and-after-school or prekindergarten services; transportation services; school board; powers and duties. Print Friendly
79-1104.01 Nebraska Early Childhood Education Endowment; endowment provider; requirements; endowment agreement; Early Childhood Education Endowment Fund; Early Childhood Education Endowment Cash Fund; created; investment. Print Friendly
79-1104.02 Early Childhood Education Endowment Cash Fund; use; grants; program requirements. Print Friendly
79-1104.03 Early Childhood Education Endowment Board of Trustees; created; administrative support. Print Friendly
79-1104.04 Board of trustees; members; terms; expenses. Print Friendly
79-1104.05 Early Childhood Education Endowment Fund; funding. Print Friendly