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Search for statute range from 69-2427 to 69-2449
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69-2427 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
69-2428 Permit to carry concealed handgun; authorized. Print Friendly
69-2429 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
69-2430 Application; form; contents; prohibited acts; penalty; permit issuance; denial; appeal. Print Friendly
69-2431 Fingerprinting; criminal history record information check. Print Friendly
69-2432 Nebraska State Patrol; handgun training and safety courses and instructors; duties; certificate of completion of course; fee. Print Friendly
69-2433 Applicant; requirements. Print Friendly
69-2434 Permit; design and form. Print Friendly
69-2435 Permitholder; continuing requirements; return of permit; when. Print Friendly
69-2436 Permit; period valid; fee; renewal; fee. Print Friendly
69-2437 Permit; nontransferable. Print Friendly
69-2438 Limitation on liability. Print Friendly
69-2439 Permit; application for revocation; prosecution; fine; costs. Print Friendly
69-2440 Permitholder; duties; contact with peace officer or emergency services personnel; procedures for securing handgun. Print Friendly
69-2441 Permitholder; locations; restrictions; posting of prohibition; consumption of alcohol; prohibited. Print Friendly
69-2442 Injury to person or damage to property; permitholder; report required. Print Friendly
69-2443 Violations; penalties; revocation of permit. Print Friendly
69-2444 Listing of applicants and permitholders; availability; confidential information. Print Friendly
69-2445 Carrying concealed weapon under other law; act; how construed. Print Friendly
69-2446 Rules and regulations. Print Friendly
69-2447 Department of Motor Vehicles records; use and update of information. Print Friendly
69-2448 License or permit issued by other state or District of Columbia; how treated. Print Friendly
69-2449 Information to permitholder regarding lost or stolen handgun or firearm. Print Friendly