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43-2920 Act, how cited.
43-2921 Legislative findings.
43-2922 Terms, defined.
43-2923 Best interests of the child requirements.
43-2924 Applicability of act.
43-2925 Proceeding in which parenting functions for child are at issue; information provided to parties; filing required.
43-2926 State Court Administrator; create information sheet; contents; parenting plan mediation; distribution of information sheet.
43-2927 Training; screening guidelines and safety procedures; State Court Administrator's office; duties.
43-2928 Attendance at basic level parenting education course; delay or waiver; second-level parenting education course; State Court Administrator; duties; costs.
43-2929 Parenting plan; developed; approved by court; contents.
43-2929.01 Repealed. Laws 2015, LB219, § 35.
43-2930 Child information affidavit; when required; contents; hearing; temporary parenting order; contents; form; temporary support.
43-2931 Repealed. Laws 2008, LB 1014, § 81.
43-2932 Parenting plan; limitations to protect child or child's parent from harm; effect of court determination; burden of proof.
43-2933 Registered sex offender; other criminal convictions; limitation on or denial of custody or access to child; presumption; modification of previous order.
43-2934 Restraining order, protection order, or criminal no-contact order; effect; court findings; court powers and duties.
43-2935 Hearing; parenting plan; modification; court powers.
43-2936 Request for mediation, specialized alternative dispute resolution, or other alternative dispute resolution process; information provided to parties.
43-2937 Court referral to mediation or specialized alternative dispute resolution; temporary relief; specialized alternative dispute resolution rule; approval; mandatory court order; when; waiver.
43-2938 Mediator; qualifications; training; approved specialized mediator; requirements.
43-2939 Parenting Act mediator; duties; conflict of interest; report of child abuse or neglect; termination of mediation.
43-2940 Mediation; uniform standards of practice; State Court Administrator; duties; mediation conducted in private.
43-2941 Mediation subject to other laws; claim of privilege; disclosures authorized.
43-2942 Costs.
43-2943 Rules; Parenting Act Fund; created; use; investment.