Nebraska Revised Statute 43-2926

Chapter 43


State Court Administrator; create information sheet; contents; parenting plan mediation; distribution of information sheet.

The State Court Administrator shall create an information sheet for parties in a proceeding in which parenting functions for a child are at issue under the Parenting Act that includes information regarding parenting plans, child custody, parenting time, visitation, and other access and that informs the parties that they are required to attend a basic level parenting education course. The information sheet shall also state (1) that the parties have the right to agree to a parenting plan arrangement, (2) that before July 1, 2010, if they do not agree, they may be required, and on and after July 1, 2010, if they do not agree, they shall be required to participate in parenting plan mediation, and (3) that if mediation does not result in an agreement, the court will be required to create a parenting plan. The information sheet shall also provide information on how to obtain assistance in resolving a custody case, including, but not limited to, information on finding an attorney, information on accessing court-based self-help services if they are available, information about domestic violence service agencies, information about mediation, and information regarding other sources of assistance in developing a parenting plan. The State Court Administrator shall adopt this information sheet as a statewide form and take reasonable steps to ensure that it is distributed statewide and made available to parties in parenting function matters.