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24-801 Judicial nominating commissions; subject to sections. Print Friendly
24-801.01 Judicial nominating commission; members; oath. Print Friendly
24-802 Judicial nominating commission; residence requirements. Print Friendly
24-803 Judicial nominating commission; members; term; appointments by Governor; elections by lawyers. Print Friendly
24-804 Judicial nominating commissions; judges of Supreme Court; service as members. Print Friendly
24-805 Judicial nominating commissions; members serve on no more than one commission; exceptions. Print Friendly
24-806 Judicial nominating commission; lawyer members; qualifications; nominations; election. Print Friendly
24-807 Judicial nominating commission; lawyer members; certificate of selection. Print Friendly
24-808 Judicial nominating commissions; vacancies; filled, how. Print Friendly
24-809 Judicial nominating commission; chairperson; manner of voting; vacancies; procedure. Print Friendly
24-809.01 Transferred to section 24-1201. Print Friendly
24-809.02 Transferred to section 24-1202. Print Friendly
24-809.03 Transferred to section 24-1203. Print Friendly
24-809.04 Judicial vacancy; date of final determination. Print Friendly
24-809.05 Judgeship; primary office; relocation of judge authorized; when. Print Friendly
24-810 Judicial vacancy; judicial nominating commission; meeting; notice; hearing; application; investigations; submission of names. Print Friendly
24-810.01 Judicial nominating commission; registration as independent voters; removal from district; change in party registration; effect. Print Friendly
24-811 Judicial nominating commissions; unlawful to attempt to influence; violations; penalty. Print Friendly
24-811.01 Judicial nominating commission; nominations; number; considerations. Print Friendly
24-811.02 Judicial nominating commission; send report to State Court Administrator; contents. Print Friendly
24-812 Judicial nominating commissions; members; communications; confidential. Print Friendly
24-812.01 Judicial nominations; Supreme Court; promulgate rules. Print Friendly