Nebraska Revised Statute 24-809.04

Chapter 24


Judicial vacancy; date of final determination.

For purposes of sections 24-809.05 and 24-810, the date of a final determination of a district, county, or separate juvenile court judicial vacancy shall be:

(1) The date a judicial vacancy is determined by the Judicial Resources Commission pursuant to section 24-1204 or 24-1206; or

(2) If a determination is made by the commission that a move of a judgeship from one district to another or between county and district court, a new judgeship, or a change in number of judicial districts or boundaries is appropriate pursuant to section 24-1204 or 24-1205, the date the Governor approves legislation or the Legislature overrides a veto of legislation creating or moving a judicial vacancy.


  • Laws 1995, LB 189, § 9.