Nebraska Revised Statute 24-810

Chapter 24 Section 810


Judicial vacancy; judicial nominating commission; meeting; notice; hearing; application; investigations; submission of names.

(1) When a final determination of a district, county, or separate juvenile court judicial vacancy has been made pursuant to section 24-809.04 or in the event of a judicial vacancy in any other court, the Clerk of the Supreme Court shall contact the chairperson of the judicial nominating commission relating to such vacancy and shall ascertain from him or her a time and place for the first meeting of such judicial nominating commission, at which time a public hearing will be held. The first public hearing shall be held within sixty days after final determination of the vacancy occurs. The chairperson shall notify each commission member in writing of the time and place of the meeting and shall also cause appropriate notice to be published by various news media of the time and place of the public hearing of the judicial nominating commission and of the interest of the commission in receiving information relating to qualified candidates for the judicial vacancy. Any lawyer meeting the statutory requirements to serve as a judge who is interested in being nominated and appointed to such judgeship shall signify his or her interest by filing the appropriate application with the proper entity at least twenty-one days prior to the public hearing. At least ten days prior to the public hearing, the chairperson shall release to the public the names of all lawyers who have applied for such judgeship. Any member of the public shall be entitled to attend the public hearing to express, either orally or in writing, his or her views concerning candidates for the judicial vacancy.

(2) After the public hearing, the judicial nominating commission shall hold such additional private or confidential meetings as it determines to be necessary. Additional information may be submitted in writing to the commission at any time prior to its selection of qualified candidates to fill the vacancy. The commission shall make such independent investigation and inquiry as it considers necessary or expedient to determine the qualifications of candidates for the judicial vacancy and shall take such action as it deems necessary or expedient to encourage qualified candidates to accept judicial office or nomination for judicial office.

(3) The judicial nominating commission may, before or after the hearing provided for in subsection (1) of this section, institute a search for additional candidates. If additional candidates are obtained, the commission shall hold further public hearings in the same manner as provided in such subsection.

(4) The names of candidates shall be submitted to the Governor within ninety days after the date a final determination has been made of a district, county, or separate juvenile court judicial vacancy or, in the event of a judicial vacancy in any other court, after a judicial vacancy occurred if one public hearing is held and within one hundred twenty days if more than one public hearing is held.


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