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Frequently Asked Questions About Senators

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Who is my senator? How can I determine my legislative district?

You can find your senator and district by visiting Find your senator page.

How do I contact my legislator?

Contact information for each senator can be found on his or her web page which you can reach through the Senators pages list.

Can I obtain a list of all legislators' e-mail addresses? Can I send a bulk e-mail?

Senator's individual e-mail addresses can be found on each of their web pages. You can send a bulk e-mail to senators by pasting all of their addresses in your e-mail message, but personalized messages to each senator are much more effective than a mass e-mail.

How do I find all bills introduced by a senator?

Each senator's page provides a link to the bills he or she has introduced. Alternatively, the Bills & Laws Search section provides the ability to search for bills by introducer.

Where can I obtain a voting record of my senator? Is it online?

How do I find out what a senator's party affiliation is?

While the nonpartisanship of the Unicameral makes party affiliation less relevant, a senator's party affiliation can be found by accessing the secretary of state's web site.

Where can I view salary and benefit information for Nebraska state legislators?

The Nebraska Constitution states that senators are to be paid $1,000 per month, or $12,000 annually. Nebraska senators can join the same health plans available to all state employees, but they must pay the full premiums.

How do term limits work? Can I find a list of when senators will be term-limited?

Senators are term-limited after serving two consecutive terms, after which they must wait four years before running again. If a senator is appointed to his or her seat more than two years before the seat is up for election, his or her service will count as one term. Senators' web pages include the date when they were elected or appointed.

How do I find information on former legislators?

The Nebraska Blue Book includes a list of all Nebraska state legislator.

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