Voting Records

How to find voting records online

During its journey through the legislative process, a legislative bill is voted on many times by legislators. Committee statements and the Legislative Journal contain records of legislative votes.
Begining with the 105th Legislature, recorded votes are displayed with the bill detail information.

In order for a bill to be sent to the entire Legislature, committee members must vote to advance the bill to general file. Alternately, they may vote to indefinitely postpone the bill, which suspends all further activity against it. Votes on motions to advance and indefinitely postpone are available in the bill's committee statement.

Finding a committee vote

  • To view a bill's committee statement, enter the bill number and legislature number in the Bill Search.
  • Click on "Committee Statement," if one is available.
  • The results of the roll call vote on the bill are available at the top of the first page of the document.
  • Generally, if a committee statement is not available on a bill (if there is no Committee Statement link available), then the committee has not taken action on the bill or has not officially reported the bill to the legislative floor.

During the floor consideration of legislative bills, votes are taken relating to proposed amendments, proposed procedural motions and the advancement of the bill from one stage of floor debate to the next.

A record of every vote is noted in the Legislative Journal. The following types of votes include a record of how each senator voted:

  • Votes on the final reading of legislative bills and resolutions.
  • Votes on a proposed override of a gubernatorial veto.
  • Votes on the legislative confirmation of gubernatorial appointments.
  • Roll call votes taken when the house is under call.
  • Record votes as requested by individual senators.

For other votes, the total number of those voting "aye" and those voting "no" are given.

Finding a floor vote in the journal

  • To find the page that records a particular vote, enter the bill number and legislature number in which you are interested in the Bill Search.
  • The numbers in the "Journal" column indicate the journal page on which the vote is recorded. The page number is a link to the appropriate journal. Click the link and if necessary scroll to the correct page.
  • All avaliable journals are available on the main Legislative Journal page. Select the appropriate legislative session according to when the vote in which you are interested took place.

Begining with the 105th Legislature, recorded votes on bills are listed in the bill detail as soon as the vote is completed

Any vote taken by a voice vote will not be listed.

Finding a vote in bill details

  • To find a particular vote, enter the bill number and legislature number in which you are interested in the Bill Search.
  • All recorded votes are listed under "Additional Info" with the link "View All Recorded Votes".
  • Links to votes are also listed next to considered amendments and next to actions under the "History" section.