Introduced Legislation for January 15th, 2020

106th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 6

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Document Introducer Description
LB1000 Blood Direct any registration fees from fantasy contests to early childhood care and education workforce
LB1001 Crawford Require suicide prevention phone numbers on student identification cards
LB1002 Bostelman Change provisions regarding emergency medical services, medical nutrition therapy, juvenile psychiatric units and facilities, and wholesale drug distribution
LB1003 Walz Change provisions relating to cities and villages
LB1004 Lathrop Change provisions relating to age of majority and the administration of and eligibility for parole
LB1005 McCollister Change provisions regarding nomination and election of certain partisan candidates
LB1006 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to garnishment
LB1007 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to competency to stand trial and be sentenced
LB1008 Speaker Scheer Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations
LB1009 Speaker Scheer Provide for, change, and eliminate fund transfers, change use of funds, and eliminate a fund
LB1010 Speaker Scheer Change Cash Reserve Fund provisions
LB1011 Arch Require certain hospitals to accept reimbursement from the medicare program
LB1012 La Grone Change provisions relating to tax exemptions for property acquired by certain tax-exempt entities
LB1013 Linehan Change the cigarette tax and exempt certain transactions
LB1014 Lindstrom Change provisions of the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Act
LB1015 Briese Provide for year-round daylight saving time
LB1016 Hansen, M. Change provisions regarding the worker training program, the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act, the Contractor Registration Act, and the Employee Classification Act and eliminate provisions regarding service letters, high voltage lines, and private employment companies
LB1017 Geist Appropriate funds to the Supreme Court
LB1018 Vargas Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB1019 Vargas Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB1020 Vargas Change provisions relating to discrimination under the Nebraska Fair Housing Act
LB1021 Groene Provide for an expedited review of certain redevelopment plans under the Community Development Law