Introduced Legislation for January 15th, 2019

106th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 5

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Document Primary
LB257 Kolterman Change provisions relating to loss payouts by insurers
LB258 Williams Change provisions relating to banking and finance
LB259 Lindstrom Change consumer protection provisions under the Securities Act of Nebraska, the Commodity Code, and the Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act
LB260 Hansen, B. Change provisions relating to medicaid recovery audit contractors and a health insurance premium assistance payment program
LB261 DeBoer Require use of redistricting maps drawn using state-issued computer software
LB262 DeBoer Change membership and duties of long-term restrictive housing work group
LB263 Clements Change provisions relating to the taxation of military retirement benefits
LB264 La Grone Redefine premises under the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act
LB265 La Grone Adopt the Unsecured Consumer Loan Licensing Act and clarify licensing provisions under the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act and the Nebraska Installment Loan Act
LB266 Lindstrom Change the School Readiness Tax Credit Act
LB267 Bolz Provide a duty for the county board relating to deficient bridges and authorize a tax levy
LB268 Friesen Change provisions relating to a certificate of convenience and necessity for a telecommunications company
LB269 Friesen Change provisions relating to ignition interlock permits and school permits
LB270 Friesen Change provisions relating to motorboats, motor vehicles, state identification cards, and operators' licenses
LB271 Morfeld Change provisions relating to releases, covenants not to sue, or similar agreements on joint and several liability
LB272 Morfeld Adopt the Apprenticeship Training Program Tax Credit Act
LB273 Hansen, M. Provide a restricted funds budget limitation as prescribed for certain political subdivisions
LB274 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to stacking of coverage under the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage Act
LB275 Hansen, M. Require notification when persons prohibited by state or federal law attempt to obtain a handgun purchase permit or concealed handgun permit
LB276 McCollister Change provisions relating to the taxation of income from certain small business corporations and limited liability companies
LB277 McCollister Change membership provisions for the Board of Parole
LB278 Bostelman Provide a veteran notation on an operator's license or a state identification card for certain commissioned officers as prescribed
LB279 Bostelman Provide a sales and use tax exemption for food sold by veterans service organizations
LB280 Brewer Change a penalty for violations of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB281 McCollister Provide for posting by public schools of a toll-free number set up to report child abuse or neglect
LB282 Hansen, M. Change provisions relating to bail
LB283 Pansing Brooks Provide for a climate change study
LB284 McCollister Change sales and use tax provisions relating to out-of-state retailers and multivendor marketplace platforms
LB285 McCollister State intent to appropriate funds to the Nebraska Power Review Board for a study and state public policy
LB286 McCollister Create the Coordinated Reentry Council
LB287 Quick Change and provide duties for the Game and Parks Commission and change provisions relating to stamps, permits, fees, and hunter orange display requirements as prescribed
LB288 Linehan Change income tax rates
LB289 Linehan Change provisions relating to county assessor inspections of real property for property tax purposes
LB290 Linehan Change the sales and use tax rate
LB291 Linehan Change sales and use tax provisions
LB292 Vargas Appropriate funds to the State Department of Education
LB293 Speaker Scheer Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations
LB294 Speaker Scheer Appropriate funds for the expenses of Nebraska State Government for the biennium ending June 30, 2021
LB295 Speaker Scheer Appropriate funds for salaries of members of the Legislature
LB296 Speaker Scheer Appropriate funds for salaries of constitutional officers
LB297 Speaker Scheer Appropriate funds for capital construction and property acquisition
LB298 Speaker Scheer Create and repeal funds and provide, change, and eliminate sources, uses, and transfers of funds
LB299 Speaker Scheer Change Cash Reserve Fund provisions
LB300 Lathrop Change judges' salaries
LB301 Lowe Transfer duties under the Boiler Inspection Act, the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act, and the Conveyance Safety Act from the Department of Labor to the State Fire Marshal
LB302 Hughes Merge the State Energy Office with and rename the Department of Environmental Quality
LB303 Lindstrom Change the amount of relief under the Property Tax Credit Act
LB304 Crawford Exempt certain operations from the definition of a food establishment under the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB305 Crawford Adopt the Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act
LB306 Crawford Change provisions relating to good cause for voluntarily leaving employment under the Employment Security Law
LB307 Albrecht Change provisions relating to certain Department of Environmental Quality Funds
LB308 Lathrop Change provisions relating to commencement of civil actions, voluntary appearances, and waivers of defenses
LB309 Lathrop Increase the number of district court judges in Douglas County
LB310 Vargas Change procedures for tax credits under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
LB311 Crawford Adopt the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act
LB312 Hansen, B. Change and eliminate provisions relating to dental hygienists
LR8CA Linehan Constitutional amendment to limit the total amount of property tax revenue that may be raised by political subdivisions