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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB64 Howard Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Lindsay Ann Burke Act and provide duties for the State Department of Education and school districts with respect to dating violence
LB82 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require notification of change in a juvenile's case manager under the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB91 Howard Passed Provide for a subsidized adoption of a child who was under a subsidized guardianship prior thereto
LB92 Howard Passed Require vehicles to move over upon approaching stopped emergency and road assistance vehicles
LB93 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit smoking in a motor vehicle with an occupant under sixteen years of age
LB94 Howard Passed Authorize late homestead exemption applications for medical reasons
LB95 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit violators of immigration laws from receiving certain tax incentives
LB146 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for simulated pharmacies
LB599 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require health care facilities to provide itemized billing statements upon patient's request
LB604 Howard Passed Change the Pharmacy Practice Act to change provisions relating to medical gas distribution
LB605 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change liquor license provisions
LB614 Howard Withdrawn Provide for licensure of macro social workers
LB619 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change mental health board membership provisions
LB827 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for prescription training for renewal of certain health practitioner licenses
LB834 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change provisions and penalties relating to liquor licenses
LB835 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change reporting provisions of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB845 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require energy conservation by state agencies
LB854 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for licensure under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB866 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for a dispensing practitioner permit and change other provisions relating to pharmacy
LB876 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change recovery amounts under the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB897 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change income limits for homestead tax exemption purposes
LB902 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for an information form for assisted-living facilities
LB903 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require the Department of Health and Human Services to establish criteria to evaluate the adequacy of Alzheimer's special care units
LB904 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for enhanced assisted-living certificates for certain assisted-living facilities
LB984 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change a penalty relating to child abuse
LB1058 Howard Indefinitely postponed Rename and change a formula in the Community College Foundation and Equalization Aid Act
LR17 Howard Congratulate Nebraska Mission of Mercy for its efforts in serving over six thousand dental patients in Nebraska
LR67 Howard Recognize March 2009 as Professional Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR85 Howard Recognize November 21, 2009, as Adoption Day in Nebraska
LR86 Howard Designate the week of October 4th through 10th, 2009, as Nebraska School Bullying Awareness Week
LR100 Howard Congratulate the faculty, students, parents, and alumni of Central High School on its 150th anniversary in 2009
LR110 Howard Recognize and honor the values demonstrated throughout the lifetime of Livingston Wills
LR179 Howard Interim study to examine the requirements and conditions of the state's contract with Magellan Behavioral Health Services
LR226 Howard Interim study to examine medical malpractice liability
LR273 Howard Urge the United States in its relations with the Turkish government to encourage the Turkish government to take certain actions
LR274 Howard Recognize March, 2010, as Professional Social Work Month in Nebraska
LR348 Howard Recognize April 2010 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Nebraska
LR358 Howard Recognize May 2010 as Foster Care Month in Nebraska
LR369 Howard Recognize October 2010 as Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month in Nebraska
LR485 Howard Interim study to examine issues relating to the shortage of social workers
LR509 Howard Interim study to explore the implementation of ACCESS Nebraska relating to public benefits processing
LR562 Howard Recognize November 20, 2010, as Adoption Day in Nebraska
LR563 Howard Designate the week of October 3 through October 10, 2010, as Nebraska School Bullying Awareness Week