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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB136 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change number of years between appearances before Board of Pardons
LB137 Lautenbaugh Passed Change provisions relating to postconviction relief
LB138 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change residency requirements under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
LB139 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change surplus property sale provisions of the County Purchasing Act
LB140 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to criminal background checks required for health and human services transportation services
LB141 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Provide for public records that may be withheld
LB142 Lautenbaugh Passed Change a contribution limitation under the Campaign Finance Limitation Act
LB143 Haar Indefinitely postponed Require public education institutions to file certain contracts of employment with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
LB144 Haar Indefinitely postponed Require mobile home parks to have shelter and evacuation plans
LB145 Haar Indefinitely postponed Provide for school transportation safety committees
LB146 McGill Passed Authorize cities and villages to regulate planned unit developments
LB147 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Change family law provisions relating to court orders, forum, child support, and visitation
LB148 Avery Indefinitely postponed Exclude lobbying expenses from the definition of general fund operating expenditures for state aid to education purposes
LB149 Avery Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Blind Persons Literacy Rights and Education Act
LB150 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Require Internet notice of public meetings by state entities
LB151 Lathrop Passed Provide, change, and eliminate powers and duties of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
LB152 Lathrop Passed Provide for a trauma fee schedule for workers' compensation claim reimbursement
LB153 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change reimbursement for medical services under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB154 Janssen Passed Change procedures for filling vacancies on natural resources districts boards
LB155 Utter Passed Change sealed bid requirements relating to electric generating facility contracts
LB156 Utter Passed Change air pollution emission fee provisions
LB157 Coash Passed Change guardianship and conservatorship provisions and adopt the Nebraska Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
LB158 Fischer Passed Change driver's license examination and issuance provisions
LB159 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Authorize bond powers for cities, villages, and counties for nonprofit enterprises
LB160 Campbell Passed Eliminate a duty of the county assessor relating to information on trusts that own agricultural land
LB161 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to recounting votes
LB162 Campbell Passed Change provisions relating to abstracts of property assessment rolls
LB163 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to parking permits and license plates for handicapped or disabled persons and authorize a state electronic application system
LB164 Louden Passed Provide notification requirements before moving buildings or other large objects on a county or township road
LB165 Fischer Passed Change municipal occupation tax provisions relating to telecommunications companies
LB166 Coash Indefinitely postponed Change the Developmental Disabilities Services Act to authorize a private preemployment screening service to conduct criminal background checks as prescribed
LB167 Fischer Passed Change the Relocation Assistance Act
LB168 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide for voter registration on the Secretary of State's website
LB169 Avery Indefinitely postponed Authorize provisional ballots for registered voters changing residence within Nebraska
LB170 Fischer Passed Change motorcycle safety education provisions
LB171 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide for the establishment of fees paid to the Secretary of State
LB172 Avery Indefinitely postponed Create the Commission on Indian and Multicultural Affairs and eliminate the Commission on Latino-Americans and the Commission on Indian Affairs
LB173 Avery Indefinitely postponed Prohibit natural resources district board members from running for or holding more than one office
LB174 Avery Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to certain contributions designated on income tax forms
LB175 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide for transfers from the Campaign Finance Limitation Cash Fund
LB176 Avery Passed Authorize the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission to order violators to pay hearing costs
LB177 Campbell Passed Change foster care provisions
LB178 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Passed Change commercial drivers' licenses provisions
LB179 Krist Passed Change pharmacy provisions
LB180 Fischer Indefinitely postponed Provide for gubernatorial appointment of the Board of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
LB181 Hansen Passed Establish a surcharge under the Livestock Brand Act
LB182 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the issuance of one license plate
LB183 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change abandoned motorboat and trailer provisions
LB184 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change interest rate provisions under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB185 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Provide for one vehicle license plate
LB186 Sullivan Indefinitely postponed Require nonpartisan ballots for county officers
LB187 Council Indefinitely postponed Change the number of required recall petition signatures
LB188 Council Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for recall petition signatures
LB189 Council Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Criminal Offender Employment Act
LB190 Council Indefinitely postponed Provide for district elections for board members of metropolitan utilities districts
LB191 Council Passed Change provisions relating to sentence reductions
LB192 Council Indefinitely postponed Require school districts to offer instruction in sexual health education
LB193 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change cost provisions for proceedings before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB194 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change salary and benefit provisions of members of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB195 Sullivan Indefinitely postponed Change the number of members of the Legislature to fifty
LB196 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change liability insurance and financial responsibility requirements for motor vehicles
LB197 Dubas Passed Allow breast-feeding as prescribed
LB198 Mello Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the purchase or lease of state-owned passenger cars
LB199 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Require adequate financial support for foster parents to support foster children
LB200 Council Governor Veto Adopt the Nebraska Healthy Food Financing Initiative Act
LB201 Council Indefinitely postponed Change probation fees
LB202 Council Indefinitely postponed Authorize petitions for recall and resentencing for certain minors sentenced to life imprisonment
LB203 Council Indefinitely postponed Change sentencing requirements with respect to certain minors
LB204 Council Governor Veto Require blood-lead testing prior to school enrollment and parental notification regarding elevated blood-lead levels
LB205 Mello Indefinitely postponed Create the Next Generation Nebraska Commission within the Department of Economic Development
LR12 Pirsch Extend sympathy to the family of David J. Burns
LR13 Gloor Congratulate the city of Grand Island and the Nebraska State Fair Board on a successful 2010 Nebraska State Fair
LR14 Pahls Congratulate the Department of Economic Development, the Chambers of Commerce, and their affiliates for their diligence and efforts to keep Nebraska competitive and vibrant