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LR113 Schimek Interim study to examine issues relating to urban storm water runoff
LR114 Janssen Interim study to examine the burden of proof and standard of review of valuation cases appealed to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission
LR115 Janssen Interim study to examine an income-based method of placing a value on agricultural and horticultural land
LR116 Janssen Interim study to examine residential, business, and agricultural tax burdens in Nebraska
LR117 Mines Interim study to analyze the municipal county process
LR118 Schimek Proclaim May 19, 2007, as ALEXA CHECK DAY
LR119 Johnson Interim study to review the availability of cost estimates in health care pricing and possible legislation to provide good faith estimates of costs by health care providers and insurers to a consumer upon request
LR120 Wightman Interim study to examine the cost of public employee health plans at all levels of government