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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB378 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Change the Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act
LB379 Pahls Passed Change certain corporate reporting, notice, and filing provisions and eliminate references to professional limited liability companies
LB380 Pahls Passed Change a license application requirement under the Mortgage Bankers Registration and Licensing Act
LB381 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Eliminate oral requests for information regarding farm product liens
LB382 Pahls Final Reading Change provisions relating to notaries public
LB383 Pahls Passed Change filing requirements involving the address of a partnership's agent
LB384 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Prohibit certain actions by judgment creditors
LB385 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses
LB386 Langemeier Passed Adopt the Nebraska Security Instrument Satisfaction Act
LB387 Langemeier Indefinitely postponed Require separate plumbing and water metering for new construction as prescribed
LB388 Aguilar Final Reading Change duties and membership of the Economic Development Commission and the Department of Economic Development
LB389 Aguilar Final Reading Change provisions relating to public records
LB390 Aguilar Final Reading Require certain rules and regulations related to underground storage tanks and tank operators
LB391 Mines Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to public records and meetings
LB392 Mines Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to municipal counties
LB393 Mines Indefinitely postponed Redefine award and eligible student for purposes of the Nebraska Scholarship Act
LB394 Burling Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to nomination for office
LB395 Johnson Passed Adopt a new Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act
LB396 Johnson Final Reading Increase the range of fees imposed by the State Board of Landscape Architects
LB397 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Adopt the In-home Personal Care Services Act
LB398 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to credentialing optometrists
LB399 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Perfusion Practice Act
LB400 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Require an audit of medicaid drug rebate payments
LB401 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Provide for notations on drivers' licenses and state identification cards regarding advance medical directives
LB402 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Provide duties for the Director of Research relating to redistricting plans
LB403 Schimek Indefinitely postponed Change distribution and allocation of certain sales tax revenue and road funds
LB404 Janssen Indefinitely postponed Change Nebraska Liquor Control Commission members' salaries
LB405 Pedersen Indefinitely postponed Provide for additional city council members for cities of the metropolitan class
LB406 Pedersen Indefinitely postponed Provide for presumptive parole release dates
LB407 Pedersen Indefinitely postponed Change driving under the influence penalty provisions with respect to ignition interlock devices
LB408 Preister Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to certain public contracts for services
LB409 Preister Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy authority of community colleges
LB410 Howard Indefinitely postponed Change child welfare caseload provisions
LB411 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require standards for training for certain new health and human services employees
LB412 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide duties for the Nebraska Power Review Board relating to renewable energy
LB413 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change provisions governing children born out of wedlock and the offense of violation of custody
LB414 Flood Withdrawn Provide for transfer of funds for substance abuse services
LB415 Harms Final Reading Change provisions relating to provisional operator's permits and other operator's licenses and permits
LB416 Karpisek Indefinitely postponed Exempt government retirement benefits from income tax
LB417 Nantkes Indefinitely postponed Include invasive pneumococcal disease as a childhood immunization requirement
LB418 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change Game and Parks Commission membership provisions
LB419 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Authorize issuance of Nebraska Agriculture specialty and personalized message license plates
LB420 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Change cigarette tax distribution and create funds
LB421 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Permit issuance of multiple Purple Heart specialty plates
LB422 Erdman Final Reading Change membership of the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB423 Burling Indefinitely postponed Change sales and use tax collection fees
LB424 Adams Final Reading Prohibit the breathing, inhaling, or drinking of certain compounds
LB425 Pankonin Final Reading Create the Nebraska Operational Assistance Act
LB426 Pankonin Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Pharmacy Technician Act
LB427 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change authorized procedures for dental hygienists
LB428 Synowiecki Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Peace Officer Employer - Employee Relations Act
LB429 Synowiecki Indefinitely postponed Exempt certain purchases by museums from sales and use tax
LB430 Langemeier Indefinitely postponed Change property tax levies
LB431 Friend Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax credit for certain educational expenses
LB432 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change the Act Prohibiting Unjust Discrimination in Employment Because of Age
LB433 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to selection and obligations of presidential electors
LB434 Avery Final Reading Change late filing fees under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB435 Raikes Final Reading Provide for a study relating to the Nebraska State Fairgrounds
LB436 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Change income tax calculations, rates, and schedules and eliminate certain itemized deductions and taxes
LB437 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to issuance of specialty and personalized license plates
LB438 McDonald Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
LB439 Raikes Indefinitely postponed Create the Highway Finance Task Force
LB440 Preister Indefinitely postponed Change and eliminate provisions relating to learning communities
LB441 McDonald Final Reading Change liquor shipping license fee distribution and provide an excise tax on grapes
LB442 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Redefine animal life for sales tax purposes
LB443 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Authorize transportation development districts and authorize a local sales tax
LB444 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the renewable energy tax credit
LB445 Stuthman Final Reading Provide qualifications and certification requirements for certain persons under the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Act
LB446 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Require Department of Roads to let contracts for the construction of a Platte River bridge and for highway improvements
LB447 Stuthman Indefinitely postponed Require the Department of Roads to conduct a feasibility study for a Platte River bridge
LB448 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change limitation of action provisions under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act
LB449 Ashford Final Reading Change provisions on how judicial records are proved
LB450 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Provide immunity for employer disclosure of certain employee information
LB451 Nantkes Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to release of patient information by a pharmacist
LB452 Burling Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for drug abuse prevention and education programs
LB453 White Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax credit for property taxes
LB454 White Indefinitely postponed Change homestead exemption provisions
LB455 White Indefinitely postponed Allow school districts to exceed applicable allowable growth rate for increased energy or insurance costs
LB456 White Select File Provide an income tax credit for franchise taxes paid by certain financial institutions
LB457 Hansen Final Reading Require a caregiver information form for foster care proceedings
LB458 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Require vegetation management in certain streams
LB459 Gay Indefinitely postponed Allow an income tax deduction for interest on education loans
LB460 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to presidential primary elections and political parties
LB461 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Provide for policies and procedures relating to foster care
LB462 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Change workers' compensation provisions covering disability payments during vocational rehabilitation
LR9 Fulton Congratulate the University of Nebraska Women's Volleyball Team for winning the 2006 Division I championship
LR10 Johnson Urge Nebraska's congressional delegation to ensure that Congress timely reauthorizes the State Children Health Insurance Program
LR11CA Flood Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to change the distribution of lottery proceeds