Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1502


Acquisition; notice required; exception; Director of Banking and Finance; duties.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no person acting personally or as agent shall acquire control of any state-chartered bank or trust company without first giving sixty days' notice to the Department of Banking and Finance on forms provided by the department of such proposed acquisition.

The Director of Banking and Finance, upon receipt of such notice, shall act upon it within thirty days, and, unless he or she disapproves the proposed acquisition within that period of time, it may become effective on the sixty-first day after receipt without his or her approval, except that the director may extend the thirty-day period an additional thirty days if in his or her judgment any material information submitted is substantially inaccurate or the acquiring party has not furnished all the information required by sections 8-1501 to 8-1505 or by the director.

An acquisition may be made prior to the expiration of the disapproval period if the director issues written notice of his or her intent not to disapprove the action.

Within three days after his or her decision to disapprove any proposed acquisition, the director shall notify the acquiring party in writing of the disapproval. The notice shall provide a statement of the basis for the disapproval.

(2) The notice requirements of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply when:

(a) Shares of a state-chartered bank or trust company are acquired by a person in the regular course of securing or collecting a debt previously contracted in good faith or through inheritance or a bona fide gift if notice of such acquisition is given to the department, on forms provided by the department, within thirty days after the acquisition;

(b) Shares of a state-chartered bank or trust company are transferred from an individual or individuals to a trust formed by the individual or individuals for estate-planning purposes if (i) there is no change in the proportion of shares held by the trust for such individual or individuals compared to the ownership of such individual or individuals prior to the formation of the trust, (ii) the individual or individuals control the trust, and (iii) notice of the proposed transfer is given to the department, on forms provided by the department, at least thirty days prior to the proposed transfer and the department does not disapprove the transfer for the reason that the transfer is an attempt to subvert the requirements of sections 8-1501 to 8-1505; or

(c) The director, the Governor, and the Secretary of State jointly determine that an emergency exists which requires expeditious action or that the department must act immediately to prevent probable failure of the institution to be acquired.