Nebraska Revised Statute 8-319


Loans; restricted to members; secured and unsecured; purposes; limit; parity with federal associations; security; participation in other loans; exceptions; educational loans.

(1) No loan shall be made by such association except to its own members, and no loan shall be made to any member for any sum in excess of the par value of his or her stock. The borrower shall pledge to the association, as security for the loan, shares of a maturity value equal to the principal of the loan and, except as otherwise provided in this section, ample security by mortgage or deeds of trust on real estate. For purposes of this section, real property and real estate shall include a leasehold or subleasehold estate in real property under a lease or sublease the term of which does not expire, or which is renewable automatically or at the option of the holder or of the association so as not to expire for at least five years beyond the maturity of the debt. Loans made upon improved real estate, except as otherwise provided in this section, shall not exceed ninety-five percent of the reasonable normal cash value thereof, and all loans made on any other real estate shall not exceed three-fourths of the reasonable normal cash value thereof.

(2) An association may make a loan or loans in an amount exceeding ninety-five percent of the reasonable normal cash value of the real estate security (a) if such loan or loans are made to a veteran in accord with the provisions of 38 U.S.C., as now existing or as hereafter amended, (b) if the proceeds of the loan or loans are to be used in purchasing residential property or in constructing a dwelling on unimproved property owned by such veteran to be occupied as his or her home, used for the purpose of making repairs, alterations, or improvements in or paying delinquent indebtedness, taxes, or special assessments on residential property owned by the veteran and used by him or her as his or her home, or used in purchasing any land and buildings to be used by the applicant in pursuing a gainful occupation other than farming, and (c) if the Secretary of Veterans Affairs guarantees that portion of such loan or loans in excess of ninety-five percent of the reasonable normal cash value of the real estate security.

(3) An association is authorized to obtain insurance of its loans by the Federal Housing Administrator under Title II of the National Housing Act, as amended, and such loans so made upon improved real estate and so insured shall not be subject to the restrictions set forth in this section with reference to the maximum authorized amount of a loan.

(4) An association may make unsecured loans to its members if such loans (a) are insured under Title I and Title II of the National Housing Act, as amended, or (b) are for property alterations, repair, or improvements. The aggregate amount of loans made under subdivisions (a) and (b) of this subsection shall not at any time exceed twenty percent of the association's assets. Each loan made under subdivision (b) of this subsection shall be repayable in regular monthly installments within a period of twenty years and shall be supported by a written property statement on forms to be prescribed by the Department of Banking and Finance. An association may make secured loans to its members and may make loans under 38 U.S.C., as amended, under Chapter V, subchapter C of the Home Owners' Loan Act of 1933, as amended (12 U.S.C.), and on the security of mobile homes.

(5) The stock of such association may be accepted as security for a loan of the amount of the withdrawal value of such stock without other security.

(6) An association when so licensed may make loans to its own members upon the terms and security set forth in the Nebraska Installment Loan Act.

(7) Any provisions of this section to the contrary notwithstanding, an association may make any loan that a federal savings and loan association doing business in this state is or may be authorized to make.

(8) An association may invest in loans, obligations, and advances of credit, all of which are referred to in this subsection as loans, made for the payment of expenses of business school, technical training school, college, or university education, but no association shall make any investment in loans under this subsection if the principal amount of its investment in such loans, exclusive of any investment which is or which at the time of its making was otherwise authorized, would thereupon exceed five percent of its assets. Such loans may be secured, partly secured, or unsecured, and the association may require a comaker or comakers, insurance, guaranty under a governmental student loan guarantee plan, or other protection against contingencies. The borrower shall certify to the association that the proceeds of the loan are to be used by a full-time student solely for the payment of expenses of business, technical training school, college, or university education.

(9) An association may participate with other lenders in making loans of any type that an association may otherwise make if (a) each of the lenders is either an instrumentality of the United States Government or is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or, in the case of another lender, the interest of the association in such loan is superior to the participating interests of the other participants and (b) an association whose accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which may be a federal association or an association chartered by this state, or another association chartered by this state which is not so insured, has otherwise complied with subsection (1) of this section with respect to loans to members.

(10) An association may sell to or purchase from any institution which is a savings association chartered by this state or the accounts of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation a participating interest in any loan, whether or not, in the case of a purchase, the security is located within the association's regular lending area.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Installment Loan Act, see section 45-1001.