Nebraska Revised Statute 90-220

Chapter 90 Section 220


Game and Parks Commission; acceptance of certain Pauline M. Armstrong real estate; terms and conditions.

(1) The Game and Parks Commission shall enter into an agreement to accept as a gift to the State of Nebraska from Pauline M. Armstrong, personally, from the trustee of the Pauline M. Armstrong Trust, or from the trustee of the Henry J. and Pauline M. Armstrong Charitable Trust, the following described real estate: The east half of the northwest quarter and the northeast quarter of section 26, township 12 north, range 8 east of the 6th principal meridian, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

(2) In consideration of such conveyance the commission agrees, to the extent that such terms and conditions are feasible, to the following terms and conditions:

(a) A portion of such conveyance shall be used as a game preserve for the production and maintenance of wild game and other wildlife; and

(b) The property conveyed shall be developed in a manner similar to other state parks and recreation areas, including but not limited to the provision of access roads, parking areas, shelters, and facilities. The property conveyed may be developed in a manner consistent with the landscape plans developed by the Game and Parks Commission for such property prior to August 26, 1983.


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