Nebraska Revised Statute 90-219

Chapter 90 Section 219


Department of Correctional Services; lease agreement with city of Kearney; term.

The Legislature hereby approves and recommends to the Governor that the Department of Correctional Services enter into a lease agreement with the city of Kearney relating to lands owned by the department at a fixed annual cash rental for a term of not more than ninety-nine years. Such land is described as follows:

The northeast quarter of section 33, township 9 north, range 16 west of the sixth principal meridian in Buffalo County, Nebraska, more particularly described as follows: Commencing at a point two hundred fifty-five feet south of the northeast corner of section 33, thence west three hundred forty feet; thence south three hundred feet parallel to the east section line; thence east three hundred forty feet; thence north three hundred feet along the east section line to the point of beginning, containing two and thirty-four hundredths acres, more or less.


  • Laws 1977, LB 80, § 1.