Nebraska Revised Statute 90-202

Chapter 90


Norfolk Regional Center; Director of Administrative Services; duties; report.

Notwithstanding sections 72-811 to 72-818 or any other provision of law, the Director of Administrative Services shall cause a survey of the property which comprises the Norfolk Regional Center to be done and, in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services, shall determine what portion is not needed for state purposes. Pursuant to such survey and determination, the Director of Administrative Services shall submit a report to the Legislature and the Governor and request authorization to give the Northeast Community College Area the right of first refusal to purchase the portion of property not needed for state purposes at its appraised value as determined under subsection (3) of section 72-815 for the purpose of development of the Northeast Community College Technology Park. The report submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically. Approval of the Governor and the Legislature or, if the Legislature is not in session, the Executive Board of the Legislative Council shall be required to give such right of first refusal to the Northeast Community College Area.