Nebraska Revised Statute 9-819

Chapter 9


Lottery administration; hearings; rules and regulations; director; Tax Commissioner; duties; exempt from Administrative Procedure Act.

(1) The director shall develop rules and regulations concerning lottery administration for consideration by the Tax Commissioner. Rules and regulations shall be adopted, promulgated, amended, or repealed only after a public hearing by the Tax Commissioner. Notice of the hearing shall be given at least twenty days in advance in a newspaper of general circulation in the state. The Tax Commissioner shall either approve or disapprove the proposed adoption, promulgation, amendment, or repeal of such rules and regulations within ten days of the hearing.

(2) Certified copies of any rules and regulations, for informational purposes only, shall be submitted to the Attorney General and the Secretary of State. Copies of the rules and regulations in force shall be made available to any person upon request.

(3) The Tax Commissioner shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the conduct of all hearings.

(4) For the purpose of adopting, amending, or repealing rules and regulations pursuant to the State Lottery Act, the Tax Commissioner and the division shall be exempt from the Administrative Procedure Act.


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  • Laws 1993, LB 138, § 39.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.