Nebraska Revised Statute 9-429

Chapter 9


Lottery or raffle; gross proceeds; tax; deficiencies.

Any licensed organization or any other organization or person conducting a lottery or raffle activity required to be licensed pursuant to the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act shall pay to the department a tax of two percent of the gross proceeds of each lottery having gross proceeds of more than one thousand dollars or raffle having gross proceeds of more than five thousand dollars. Such tax shall be remitted annually by September 30 each year on forms approved and provided by the department. The department shall remit the tax to the State Treasurer for credit to the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund. All deficiencies of the tax imposed by this section shall accrue interest and be subject to a penalty as provided for sales and use taxes in the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, see section 77-2701.