Nebraska Revised Statute 9-428

Chapter 9


Segregation of gross proceeds; records; requirements.

The gross proceeds of any lottery or raffle shall be segregated from other revenue of any licensed organization conducting the lottery or raffle and placed in a separate account. Separate records shall be maintained by any licensed organization conducting a lottery or raffle. Each licensed organization conducting a lottery or raffle shall keep a record of all persons who are paid to sell tickets or stubs. Records required by the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act shall be preserved for at least three years. Any law enforcement agency or other agency of government shall have the authority to investigate the records relating to lotteries or raffles and gross proceeds from such lottery or raffle at any time. Organizations shall, upon proper written request, deliver all such records to the department or other law enforcement agency for investigation.


  • Laws 1986, LB 1027, § 149.