Nebraska Revised Statute 9-329.01

Chapter 9


Sales agent; license applicant; qualifications; licensee; limitations.

(1) Prior to applying for a license as a sales agent for a licensed organization, the applicant shall have been an active and bona fide member of the licensed organization for one year preceding the date the application is filed with the department.

(2) No person applying for a license under this section shall hold a license as a sales agent for more than one licensed organization. This subsection shall not prohibit a licensed sales agent from applying for a license to represent another licensed organization as a sales agent if he or she has ceased being a sales agent for and will not continue to market pickle card units on behalf of the organization for which he or she is currently licensed and has obtained a written release of any legal obligations he or she has to such licensed organization. Such release shall be signed by a person licensed as a utilization-of-funds member and an officer of the licensed organization and shall state that the sales agent has satisfied all legal obligations he or she has to the licensed organization in connection with the lottery by the sale of pickle cards. When applicable, a copy of the written release shall accompany any application for a license to become a sales agent.

(3) Any sales agent licensed under the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act shall not be connected with or interested in, directly or indirectly, any person, partnership, limited liability company, firm, corporation, or other party licensed as a distributor, manufacturer, or pickle card operator under section 9-329.03, 9-330, or 9-332 and, unless such sales agent does not directly or indirectly receive payment of any commission, salary, or fee for the sale, marketing, or delivery of pickle cards on behalf of the licensed organization or any other service on behalf of the licensed organization, shall not be a director, manager, trustee, or member of any governing committee, board, or body of the licensed organization on behalf of which the sales agent sells pickle card units.


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