Nebraska Revised Statute 87-411

Chapter 87


Motor fuel franchises; death of franchisee; effect.

(1) Any franchise agreement relating to the distribution or retail sale of motor fuels and any agreement for the lease of real or personal property which is part of any such franchise agreement shall terminate upon the death of the franchisee. However, a one-year trial lease and franchise agreement shall be granted by such franchisor to the franchisee's designated and qualified successor in interest if:

(a) The franchisee has provided the franchisor with written notice of the designation of a qualified successor in interest at least six months prior to the death of the franchisee. Such notice shall be on a form prescribed by the franchisor and made available to the franchisee at the franchisee's request; and

(b) The franchisee has been a franchisee of the same franchisor with whom he or she has a valid franchise agreement at the time of his or her death for a period of at least five consecutive years prior to his or her death.

(2) For purposes of sections 87-411 to 87-414, successor in interest shall be restricted to a surviving spouse, adult child, brother, sister, or parent of the franchisee who, at the time of the franchisee's death, meets reasonable qualifications then being required of franchisees by the franchisor.

(3) Unless otherwise specifically provided in this section, actions to be performed by the franchisor or by the successor in interest under sections 87-411 to 87-414 shall be performed within a reasonable time.


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