Nebraska Revised Statute 86-524

Chapter 86


Legislative review.

(1) The Appropriations Committee and the Transportation Committee of the Legislature shall jointly review sections 86-512 to 86-524 before January 1, 2001, and every two years thereafter. The Executive Board of the Legislative Council shall designate staff with appropriate technical experience to provide the staff support for the review. The committees shall establish criteria to be used for the review in accordance with the following policy objectives. It shall be the policy of the state to:

(a) Use information technology in education, communities, including health care and economic development, and every level of government service to improve economic opportunities and quality of life for all Nebraskans regardless of location or income;

(b) Stimulate the demand to encourage and enable long-term infrastructure innovation and improvement; and

(c) Organize technology planning in new ways to aggregate demand, reduce costs, and create support networks; encourage collaboration between communities of interest; and encourage competition among technology and service providers.

(2) In the review, the committees shall determine the extent to which:

(a) The vision has been realized and short-term and long-term strategies have been articulated and employed;

(b) The statewide technology plan and other activities of the commission have improved coordination and assisted policymakers;

(c) An information technology clearinghouse has been established, maintained, and utilized of Nebraska's information technology infrastructure and of activities taking place in the state involving information technology, and the information flow between and among individuals and organizations has been facilitated as a result of the information technology clearinghouse;

(d) Policies, standards, guidelines, and architectures have been developed and observed;

(e) Recommendations made by the commission to the Governor and Legislature have assisted policy and funding decisions;

(f) Input and involvement of all interested parties has been encouraged and facilitated; and

(g) Long-term infrastructure innovation, improvement, and coordination has been planned for, facilitated, and achieved with minimal barriers and impediments.