Nebraska Revised Statute 86-513

Chapter 86


Legislative findings and intent.

(1) The Legislature finds that appropriations for information technology continue to increase. Advances in information technology have the potential to improve government efficiency, broaden educational opportunities, and enhance services to Nebraska communities and citizens. To assure the most cost-effective use of state appropriations:

(a) Responsibility should be assigned for developing a statewide vision and strategic plan to guide investments in information technology;

(b) Organizational and technical support for technology budget decisions should be improved and integrated;

(c) A clearinghouse should be formed for technical support and best practices information; and

(d) Responsibility should be assigned to an office within state government for improving the planning, budgeting, and management of state government's information resources.

(2) It is the intent of the State of Nebraska to support the development of a unified statewide telecommunications infrastructure. The statewide telecommunications infrastructure will be scalable, reliable, and efficient. It is further the intent of the Legislature that the provisions of sections 86-512 to 86-524 serve to coordinate the state's investments in information technology in an efficient and expeditious manner. The provisions are not intended to impede the rapid deployment of appropriate technology or establish cumbersome regulations or bureaucracy.