Nebraska Revised Statute 86-459

Chapter 86


Wireless carrier; duties; administrative fine.

(1) Each wireless carrier shall remit monthly to the commission the amounts collected pursuant to section 86-457 together with any forms required by the commission no later than sixty days after the last day of the month. The commission shall remit the funds to the State Treasurer for credit to the 911 Service System Fund.

(2) As the commission may require, each wireless carrier, except a wireless carrier whose users have no 911 service, shall report to the commission on a quarterly basis for each county in a manner prescribed by the commission the following information: (a) The number of telephone numbers or functional equivalents served; (b) the number of telephone numbers or functional equivalents from which it has collected surcharge revenue; (c) the number of wireless towers by county; and (d) the current implementation status of enhanced wireless 911 service in each county served by that wireless carrier.

(3) The wireless carrier shall maintain all records required by this section, records of the amounts collected pursuant to section 86-457, and remittance records for a period of five years after the date of remittance to the fund. The commission may require an audit of any wireless carrier's books and records concerning the collection and remittance of any amounts collected pursuant to the Enhanced Wireless 911 Services Act. The costs of any audit required by the commission shall, at the commission's discretion, be paid by the audited wireless carrier. A wireless carrier shall not be required to pay for more than one remittance audit or more than one collection audit per year, unless the commission orders subsequent audits for good cause.

(4) Each wireless carrier shall comply with all commission rules and regulations regarding enhanced wireless 911 service.

(5) Each wireless carrier shall comply with this section regardless of whether the wireless carrier receives reimbursement from the fund. Wireless carriers failing to comply with this section may be administratively fined by the commission pursuant to section 75-156.