Nebraska Revised Statute 86-1025.01

Chapter 86


911 Service System Advisory Committee; created; members; duties; vacancy; terms; expenses.

(1) The 911 Service System Advisory Committee is created. The committee shall advise the commission concerning the implementation, coordination, operation, management, maintenance, and funding of the 911 service system and provide input on technical training and quality assurance. The state 911 director and the Chief Information Officer or his or her designee shall serve as ex officio members. The committee shall include the following individuals appointed by the commission:

(a) Four representatives of public safety agencies within the state, including an emergency manager, a member of a law enforcement agency, a member of a fire department, and a member of an emergency medical service as defined in section 38-1207;

(b) Two county officials or employees;

(c) Two municipal officials or employees;

(d) Two representatives of the telecommunications industry;

(e) Two managers of public safety answering points, one of whom is employed by a county sheriff and one of whom is not employed by a county sheriff;

(f) One representative of the Nebraska Association of County Officials; and

(g) One representative of the League of Nebraska Municipalities.

(2) Of the fourteen appointed members of the committee described in subdivisions (1)(a) through (g) of this section, at least four members shall be appointed from each of the three congressional districts. The appointed members of the committee shall serve for terms of three years. A vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term. The committee shall annually select a chairperson and vice-chairperson and meet as often as necessary to carry out its duties. Members of the committee shall be reimbursed for expenses as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.

(3) The committee shall make any recommendations to the commission regarding the exercise of the commission's duties administering the 911 service system pursuant to section 86-1025, including recommending the adoption and promulgation of any rules and regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of the 911 Service System Act or the introduction of any legislation. The commission may consider and implement any such recommendations.