Nebraska Revised Statute 85-917

Chapter 85


Legislative intent.

The Legislature hereby declares that it is the intent and purpose of sections 85-194, 85-308, 85-606.01, 85-917 to 85-966, and 85-1511 to provide statements of role and mission for the state's systems and institutions of postsecondary education which will:

(1) Provide for a coordinated state system of postsecondary education;

(2) Provide for the maintenance and development of quality postsecondary educational programs and services for all citizens in all regions of the state;

(3) Insure student and community access to comprehensive educational programs;

(4) Limit unnecessary program and facility duplication through a coordinated planning and review process;

(5) Encourage statewide long-term academic and fiscal planning for postsecondary education in the state;

(6) Establish a legislative review process to insure that (a) role and mission statements are updated as necessary and (b) postsecondary institutions are complying with role and mission assignments and are serving a valuable purpose to the state within their current role and mission assignments; and

(7) Provide a mechanism for (a) implementing an extensive change in the scope, role, and mission of a campus, (b) closing a campus, (c) merging campuses, and (d) changing a campus to serve a completely different public purpose.