Nebraska Revised Statute 85-2417

Chapter 85


Commission decision; aggrieved party; right to hearing and review; procedure; notice; judicial review.

(1) Any institution denied a recurrent authorization to operate, a renewal of a recurrent authorization to operate, or an authorization to operate on a continuing basis by the commission shall have the right to a hearing and a review of such decision by the commission. If upon written notification of a denial the aggrieved party desires a hearing and review, such party shall notify the commission in writing within ten business days after receipt of notice by the commission. If the aggrieved party does not notify the commission pursuant to this section, the action shall be deemed final. Upon receipt of such notice from the aggrieved party, the commission shall fix the time and place for a hearing and shall notify the aggrieved party of such by certified mail. The hearing shall be conducted according to the Administrative Procedure Act.

(2) A decision of the commission following such hearing shall be deemed final subject to the right of judicial review provided in the Administrative Procedure Act. All matters presented at any such hearing shall be acted upon promptly by the commission, and the commission shall notify all parties in writing of its decision, which shall include a statement of findings and conclusions upon all material issues of fact, law, or discretion presented at the hearing and the appropriate rule, regulation, order, sanction, relief, or denial thereof.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.