Nebraska Revised Statute 85-2414

Chapter 85 Section 2414


Suspension or revocation of recurrent authorization to operate; procedure; hearing; commission; powers.

Any postsecondary institution with a recurrent authorization to operate which ceases to meet any of the requirements of the Postsecondary Institution Act, any rules or regulations adopted and promulgated under the act, or any terms or conditions specified by the commission for authorization to operate under the act shall be notified in writing of any such specific deficiency by certified mail. A hearing shall be scheduled requiring the institution to show cause why the authorization to operate should not be suspended or revoked. The hearing shall be held according to the Administrative Procedure Act. After the hearing, if the commission determines that any requirements, rules or regulations, or terms and conditions have been violated, the commission may suspend or revoke the recurrent authorization to operate or may require action as a condition of continued authorization.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.