Nebraska Revised Statute 85-174

Chapter 85


Defunct postsecondary institution; records; duties of registrar.

The office of registrar of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hereby designated the central depository for the records of postsecondary institutions in this state that have ceased to exist or may cease to exist in the future. The registrar of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shall, where possible, collect the records of such extinct postsecondary institution and have the supervision, care, custody, and control of such records. The registrar having the records of such postsecondary institutions, if any, shall, when requested, prepare transcripts of such records which may at any time become necessary to the former student for further scholastic work at other postsecondary institutions or for certification for teaching or other professional positions. Whenever such transcript is made, and after it has been compared with the original, it shall be certified by the registrar and shall thereafter be considered and accepted as evidence and, for all other purposes, the same as the original could be. For the preparation of such transcript, the registrar may charge a nominal fee for services rendered.