Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1421

Chapter 85


Legislative intent.

The Legislature hereby declares that it is the intent and purpose of sections 85-1421 to 85-1427 to provide for a state-level uniform information system for all public postsecondary education systems and institutions which will:

(1) Provide for a coordinated state-level information base regarding the activities of the public postsecondary education systems and institutions;

(2) Insure that the Legislature and other state and federal agencies obtain timely and accurate information concerning the programs, personnel, students, finances, and facilities of the state's postsecondary education systems and institutions;

(3) Maintain procedures for the uniform definition and reporting of information;

(4) Avoid unnecessary, duplicative, and conflicting information requests by state-level agencies through the uniform definition and collection of data elements, identification of data necessary for annual reporting to the state, and development of uniform and comparable data classification systems;

(5) Provide information users and suppliers an opportunity to cooperatively maintain a uniform information system; and

(6) Maintain an information base to support state-level planning, budgeting, and performance evaluation activities for postsecondary education.