Nebraska Revised Statute 84-907.06

Chapter 84 Section 907.06


Adoption, amendment, or repeal of rule or regulation; notice to Executive Board of the Legislative Council and Secretary of State.

Whenever an agency proposes to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule or regulation, (1) at least thirty days before the public hearing, when notice of a proposed rule or regulation is sent out, or (2) at the same time the agency requests approval from the Governor for an emergency rule or regulation under section 84-901.04, the agency shall send to the Executive Board of the Legislative Council and to the Secretary of State to be made available to the public by means which include, but are not limited to, publication on the Secretary of State’s web site, if applicable, (a) a copy of the hearing notice required by section 84-907, (b) a draft copy of the rule or regulation, and (c) the information provided to the Governor pursuant to section 84-907.09.