Nebraska Revised Statute 84-901.04

Chapter 84


Emergency rule or regulation; factors; procedure; duration; renewal; filing; publication.

(1) If an agency determines that the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a rule or regulation is necessitated by an emergency situation, the agency may adopt, amend, or repeal a rule or regulation upon approval of the Governor. Such agency’s request shall be submitted to the Governor in writing and include a justification as to why the emergency rule or regulation is necessary. Factors for the justification shall include:

(a) Imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare; or

(b) The unforeseen loss of federal funding for an agency program.

(2) Any agency may use the emergency rule or regulation procedure as provided in this section. However, no agency shall use such procedure to avoid the consequences for failing to timely adopt and promulgate rules and regulations.

(3) Rules and regulations adopted, amended, or repealed under this section shall be exempted from the notice and hearings requirements of section 84-907 and the review process required under section 84-905.01 and shall be valid upon approval of the Governor. An emergency rule or regulation shall remain in effect for a period of ninety calendar days and is renewable once for a period not to exceed ninety calendar days.

(4) Any agency which adopts, amends, or repeals a rule or regulation under this section shall file such rule or regulation with the Secretary of State. The agency shall also publish such rule or regulation on the agency's website.