Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1206

Chapter 84


Administrator; duties; powers.

(1) With due regard for the functions of the state and local agencies concerned, and with such guidance and assistance from the board as may be required, the administrator shall:

(a) Establish standards, procedures, and techniques for the effective management of public records;

(b) Make continuing surveys of paperwork, microfilm, and electronic storage operations, and recommend improvements in current records management practices, including, but not limited to, the economical use of and cost reductions in space, equipment, and supplies employed in creating, maintaining, storing, preserving, and servicing records;

(c) Establish standards for the preparation of schedules providing for the retention of records of continuing value and for the prompt and orderly disposal of records no longer possessing sufficient administrative, legal, historical, or fiscal value to warrant their further retention; and

(d) Obtain from the state or local agencies concerned such reports and other data as are required for the proper administration of the records management program, including organizational charts of agencies concerned.

(2) The administrator shall establish standards for designating essential records, shall assist state and local agencies in identifying essential records, and shall guide such agencies in the establishment of programs for the preservation of essential records.

(3) The administrator may advise and assist members of the Legislature and other officials in the maintenance and disposition of their personal or political papers of public interest and may provide such other services as are available to state and local agencies, within the limitation of available funds.