Nebraska Revised Statute 83-188

Chapter 83


Board of Parole; created; act, how construed; employees.

(1) There is hereby created the Board of Parole. For administrative purposes only, the board shall be within the Board of Pardons. Nothing in the Nebraska Treatment and Corrections Act shall be construed to give the director or the Board of Pardons any authority, power, or responsibility over the Board of Parole, its employees, or the exercise of its functions under the provisions of the act. The employees of the Board of Parole shall be covered by the State Personnel System.

(2) Employees of the Board of Parole shall consist of the following:

(a) The administrative staff necessary to assist the board with parole reviews, revocations, and hearings;

(b) At least one legal counsel;

(c) At least one fiscal analyst, policy analyst, or data analyst; and

(d) At least one staff member to assist with the daily supervision and training of employees of the board.


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