Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.25

Chapter 81


Censure, revoke, or suspend license; impose civil fine; cease and desist order; hearing; notice; contents.

(1) Before the commission censures a licensee, imposes a civil fine, revokes or suspends a license, or issues a cease and desist order, the commission shall send to the licensee or violator a copy of the complaint by certified mail which contains the charges against the licensee or violator and, unless the licensee or violator waives the right to a hearing and has executed a consent order, give the licensee or violator a hearing on the matter.

(2) The licensee or violator shall have full authority to be heard in person or by counsel before the commission in reference to such charges. The commission shall, at least twenty days prior to the date set for hearing, notify the licensee or violator in writing of the date and place of the hearing. Such notice may be served by delivering it personally to the licensee or violator or by sending it by either registered or certified mail to the last-known business address of such licensee or any known address of the violator. If the licensee is an associate broker or a salesperson, the commission shall also notify the broker employing the licensee by mailing a copy of such notice to the broker's last-known business address.